New Blog Site

I have decided to ditch the old, ropey, incredibly slow Drupal based blog that I used to have and am now running a WordPress site free of charge thanks to good old WordPress themselves.

Unfortunately it seems I may have inadvertently managed to lose the old site down the back of the sofa.  Still, that means I now get to re-write the good articles that are worth re-writing, and get to completely ignore all the old rubbish that no one wants to read.

So wish me luck with trying to remember just what it was I had been writing in the past…

6 thoughts on “New Blog Site

  1. Raphaël

    Thank you for being back 🙂
    I like the structure and the explanations in your articles.
    You had previously an article called something like “The evils of arduino strings”. Could you post it again? If I remember right, there was an explanation about the difference between “char *abc” and “char abc[]” regarding allocation of memory during compile.


    1. majenko Post author

      That is one post I couldn’t find in an archive, so I am going to have to re-write it. It is one of the important ones that I do intend to rewrite, though, so watch this space.



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